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Z-Cash is a free rewards platform where you can earn zcash by viewing advertisements or doing offers.

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Claim 50 coins every 2 minutes everyday.


Simply complete various tasks like taking surveys, challenges, or use the faucet. It's that easy!


Complete daily achievement to earn more coins.


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14298 Elagrariislam[email protected] 0.0245 USD
14297 Rale07[email protected] 0.0103 USD
14296 Maregina[email protected] 0.01115 USD
14295 phoenixfiret1JcUuAdDnvufmSEVwQ8to99SmZ5soVRe7y 0.02421 USD
14294 gavenea[email protected] 0.0527 USD
14293 sooshians[email protected] 0.0115 USD
14292 Arlan854U9WuvvsPbEcdKsfrqeTimjR9oSMwomCMPK16vzHiAjT 0.0182 USD
14291 danieldantasFzQDyN6gvMYyVSrA5ZMDhrAT3nT7h6oJqiMhqyjxcYwy 0.010112 USD
14290 Kingone9RLtTRdnriE89kJ7LPWXCXwzVXJUtG8RSqjmg2sz3b52 0.01 USD
14289 Mimiomar22t1Y9Yk3DCACCmtveMieJWtga7hWKbhKNFH9 0.0185 USD
14288 busalwaCcFy9Mockqen97QFeGNXu4u5bMiG7XX66QSca8PhTB54 0.0108 USD
14287 tahani7wKFribfQ8GcDTPoVeZhmeAa3uW475kH9VqsxyUvqeMM 0.0103 USD
14286 Doraemont1MhxHXo5HP5Uxu7BBAyzvQcTabBRP1vBdH 0.01 USD
14285 Ramziinter2275nGN1NHqeg4WbHMNVjSMfpk5nHESUWeVC3EjMRXsnXXb 0.063045 USD
14284 MickDiaz[email protected] 0.0145 USD
14283 Shahid132t1Np8JiV3NgMgcvXVYh7af8vcgqsosxYwwW 0.01 USD
14282 said20306t4X47hcwBuUdpKLDbidu1YQtANx4HWEeY83JtNpnsgn 0.0125 USD
14281 WinbimaEq35kLFLQkYJGoajkLCBwDdA7wpsWEcfgLXUxANCcguq 0.0108 USD
14280 Bessma1994t1UaMZk7TSFV4qpvmeUoKBn4hDw6mcpnZgP 0.0317 USD
14279 Aditya7ASVLG9ppxeAKTbkMw3unpHAPedgyGCYz3JqwyvicaX7C 0.029235 USD