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Z-Cash is a free rewards platform where you can earn zcash by viewing advertisements or doing offers.

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Claim 50 coins every 5 minutes everyday.


Simply complete various tasks like taking surveys, challenges, or use the faucet. It's that easy!


Complete daily achievement to earn more coins.


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8639 nhatkk000t1XyAtuTuiPg2iPUJ7ogb1jWayTv17NMGeZ 0.01805 USD
8638 mobint1b5f19yro4oXYWXgkbPMgBifFDV7MaL2HS 0.01 USD
8637 nalan76t1enBC4UBaUM91oYpwuXoyUEvYZvmnARfuZ 0.01036 USD
8636 Fethet1ZAmCFdfGWeu9yGdwYhx32d4Cgd7cijVEy 0.0104 USD
8634 Lazarowt1a3TYPJSqtqhF5cJXae7zA78LN92NEq6AU 0.03054 USD
8633 AssassinrougTACLSgSdY1jPgc7As6macHhcyt5NkaHCJf 0.0473 USD
8632 sahimit1RvGhBfmMJbvAQ4XTTgPKLXMjcu9zc2Jd6 0.0116 USD
8631 varsha002[email protected] 0.015 USD
8630 hbaluazit1cw6cnCbDivv6rfKSYQ3Somji8QfKdCTBA 0.017 USD
8629 Velikov82t1Hvz92gYpiaeUgSrgavULes5smAJuSDXCv 0.01 USD
8628 Vasrog[email protected] 0.0107 USD
8627 aNdReLee77[email protected] 0.16661 USD
8626 jhetamst1LNG9zVyo9Y525YPaw96fd8N1NXgvVrt4u 0.0135 USD
8625 RizalL99t1Npua911vm9L9rnkEMTHwsGiAUeKoCiq8d 0.0155 USD
8624 ha2412[email protected] 0.0115 USD
8623 Fayza00t1cyHHGzbTASjXUNiMYVPxk6erkUoowkaVw 0.0104 USD
8622 NGKXX2t1aEfVmARW1dFxTTky7KLRdzxvhrTr8XWLa 0.04222 USD
8621 Alannasci01t1YmJCtH5gNsgjuKWFyN7taUKojX5hxh1u4 0.07435 USD
8620 eh26t1Y63cH7jiAdTExR1Puo3AC2TGCJcK4Pfcv 0.01604 USD
8619 mehdi1361t1h2cjgj657eot3oNUjv7Rtfj9FwcHJEgqj 0.0104 USD