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Z-Cash is a free rewards platform where you can earn zcash by viewing advertisements or doing offers.

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Claim 50 coins every 2 minutes everyday.


Simply complete various tasks like taking surveys, challenges, or use the faucet. It's that easy!


Complete daily achievement to earn more coins.


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# Username Address Method Amount
21069 Basem[email protected] 0.06702 USD
21068 sileylsl[email protected] 0.072535 USD
21067 serdal[email protected] 0.054875 USD
21066 Quancoi666[email protected] 0.093325 USD
21065 stiryaki[email protected] 0.050535 USD
21064 fobius1NHLxMho3rwiMb3Tk17P4jadnpPPsPBDSN 0.060245 USD
21063 Mihbfr4001Lkn61giTpREU5mmP3iodBTJZGiA5tGG75 0.07757 USD
21062 Elkhadir[email protected] 0.05 USD
21061 Velikov82[email protected] 0.05283 USD
21060 eland113y4K96DQCxq55yWWT7yVeaRnYa6iQUMKP 0.050673 USD
21059 SomplakSdG[email protected] 0.05 USD
21058 luxurious1D7JU8iCEies1J3fWeiK1EJsjmxv3AfTVM 0.052653 USD
21057 yumm11[email protected] 0.0513 USD
21056 Jack[email protected] 0.05011 USD
21055 Aleks280586MAXRdvMoLSLdYs4yyDFB5JbdvP4hyPsZcr 0.10399 USD
21054 alvonso1DpisFDT6zoSmS1kBAJ95EHe2xjXm6FsY2 0.055935 USD
21053 Eko_Taryatno1PFTJtjHUNMDT4PhXasfRz6amV3JnZWmVN 0.0563 USD
21052 lenn16PhZnAzYnRYDFoGA9xCzX8zb1szCasLCS 0.054635 USD
21051 Ngavodl[email protected] 0.05 USD
21050 insan06t1Lik4VzPCG91GxvyY2ihFULvfE3uYhJG2M 0.05 USD