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Z-Cash is a free rewards platform where you can earn zcash by viewing advertisements or doing offers.

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Claim 50 coins every 2 minutes everyday.


Simply complete various tasks like taking surveys, challenges, or use the faucet. It's that easy!


Complete daily achievement to earn more coins.


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# Username Address Method Amount
19540 Ivan20161D3xyf65dURhbuviw2KdrCwrPVepGWqUS2 0.051831 USD
19539 aam88148dFgkyw3vq1HYjhrwt3RHXvsuEuRVTSZ 0.06357 USD
19538 humanicide6661HSGE6x4hT6nYMu8brwZqEFKcp1jZYGcCj 0.0558 USD
19537 Wealthy3s32wAX2pVRQjqQBvJ4iMbPA5FyRkYKPXdm1wzv31Ub8 0.053737 USD
19536 Baidoshvili[email protected] 0.0678 USD
19535 nedvinfo1G73nwGMGLADG9xPn9WZkrE3CytNh7fAkn 0.186152 USD
19534 Velikov82[email protected] 0.18724 USD
19533 parhut[email protected] 0.08985 USD
19532 amirali775[email protected] 0.075655 USD
19531 mike971t1TBP4NaMe3bJNmLJ9zB8rKdi17utB5iEPd 0.0506 USD
19530 gywonasfi1DvjLbnMfYQe67jUtUgBNp6gEPu1sLb2Gz 0.07201 USD
19529 hkurkagen13Lzmtq4Rw4wFiby4o7NzgTSMkLNMnJQrZ 0.07158 USD
19528 grovalwer1NtFNw4MMxJ82LEe6DFKBCQCtbj6MMejTx 0.07284 USD
19527 tyndaware1QJNQPvMR1GiRGNt1iEhi9S3S5TrmJVKp 0.07284 USD
19526 burlaksik3H3wP5bVpAmJAs2sCwzNyzLr7FGk2SgRrH 0.07178 USD
19525 blodykasu1KGq6Z5Di6mXJ98yBLQ3TrYNGUoyATzc9j 0.07168 USD
19524 ydorsogaf1MdDhRTD2wWTTjM6q4cPCgHFmtHyKe3jYc 0.07158 USD
19523 getatnito1GhKfzhJNLcehV4xa8guJvidD2oBxkq3W6 0.07158 USD
19522 bortohov1Hy3QG96w72Ru8hwSrdDZJD1NbkHH1kc2X 0.07221 USD
19521 rajfyakxur1PVHowFKv7PAzYuAnPXhXDiaYJuCQyX4Lz 0.07201 USD