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Z-Cash is a free rewards platform where you can earn zcash by viewing advertisements or doing offers.

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Claim 60 coins every 5 minutes everyday.


Simply complete various tasks like taking surveys, challenges, or use the faucet. It's that easy!


Complete daily achievement to earn more coins.


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# Username Address Amount
25045puh777t1MsPek2LhPiVFjz9EUdxFihH1ezJtqQpDb9,000 Coin
25044aludrat1RmQppsqbu2sCY3m8mt5qJFKbgaBAxsnZA3,270 Coin
25043BryanWerort1dhREFj1p3YjzGK9MpbDTSpMzx6Ju8EaoP3,306 Coin
25042Baoquoct1g9Me7S3ohuVpnJ94ZAXg4KmBewUwNXyWY9,075 Coin
25041Atlas[email protected]3,000 Coin
25040Kodyt1RMXjgD2NhqoBciNRJ1GpxKRWmhE1Qvcja19,470 Coin
25039Atlas[email protected]3,000 Coin
25038sharmaleot1McW5VAyYStzLkA5W8pECjFC1q7gUCpKVe3,060 Coin
25037nguyenhuuphan95t1QfPEV2CcnJ5BqNS9FnwHdLqiXoFRVofy13,030 Coin
25036Atlas[email protected]3,000 Coin
25035Baoquoct1g9Me7S3ohuVpnJ94ZAXg4KmBewUwNXyWY5,598 Coin
25034celeste1GNeHYRcw3HSS92LNEeZ5e3ZwhkYmRW7xT3,012 Coin
25033Josuzev1AcPh4vCxBcptT9r6LTHdLU6K94PXL3Mdx3,243 Coin
25032Haongle002t1RiToSQEYqJq3zX7WMrTrsLhDeGG8tqhH74,500 Coin
25031toxat1LeAdgDH1LwqaWw3JQad1az3M3ft53egzr7,269 Coin
25030t2kingt1XjvDThqbWRArBr4sWu6iYW2JtAdDmurbH3,060 Coin
25029Josuzev1AcPh4vCxBcptT9r6LTHdLU6K94PXL3Mdx3,117 Coin
25028ok_1234t1SQPGPL2hcoKELdGeBC4rmjnDXKqnXB7Bp3,240 Coin
25027Atlas[email protected]3,000 Coin
25026Mehrdad5064t1WzxfCPauE7ZgsuieRdtNDL7QXPgKNytyK3,387 Coin