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Z-Cash is a free rewards platform where you can earn zcash by viewing advertisements or doing offers.

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Claim 60 coins every 5 minutes everyday.


Simply complete various tasks like taking surveys, challenges, or use the faucet. It's that easy!


Complete daily achievement to earn more coins.


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# Username Address Amount
25707Fmt1977t1VexE8RcKtMKo4n6sMjUeTw5ViBRaSaf9r6,141 Coin
25706pobychokt1JJNv4dq2qDuofQprsdk8HiPQDWMF6sL5U4,500 Coin
25705farzad8346t1SGXZH7XJuqeDH518CouZnQ6MHg9hchitt3,321 Coin
25704fradamz[email protected]7,836 Coin
25703Limonka666t1KG6aUviQmGoUWZAZcpzfFW2DCZ8T1Nz3Z9,900 Coin
25702Pavel315t1VJ69Di3YDnNyrRdLY9kLdcLKKUtxWUbJa3,255 Coin
25701hiribit1PGHp1Yq2bHxUr5i9qd31Tg8orKvpRyJM112,195 Coin
25700emanuelson93[email protected]6,480 Coin
25699slezsko[email protected]4,059 Coin
25698Febriant1aEiARNeWnEqbz6mnyQJW3u6Aip46u4Uj212,774 Coin
25697adamakt1XsxNu7SVS81QNMTVhEyMex9gGbC5YU3Hd12,411 Coin
25696patrico1[email protected]3,000 Coin
25695rminiot1bA1wu37DpM2mceyoBVovQdAjxKY2Xgo6f10,527 Coin
25694mezigt1N894JV7NG55ACT6yLCtRPTj2CmLXeHuri15,591 Coin
25693Velikov82t1Hvz92gYpiaeUgSrgavULes5smAJuSDXCv9,720 Coin
25692soraya12t1QVCuFNzRLwCHNgvgBP1QVHUqb4z2g9hkF6,300 Coin
25691amimedals[email protected]10,896 Coin
25690gonanx[email protected]20,004 Coin
25689bigcryptocoinst1ZyUogfcxnhLnMysgVBLcrRPXKRE6UWTvn9,057 Coin
25688Danainat1WhHaccDyyXsno4jxoxgcQzQxrT37RgTLm19,962 Coin