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Z-Cash is a free rewards platform where you can earn zcash by viewing advertisements or doing offers.

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Claim 60 coins every 5 minutes everyday.


Simply complete various tasks like taking surveys, challenges, or use the faucet. It's that easy!


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# Username Address Amount
25937poppingt1RQXvy4B6mtbVaALyJEmntrH1G43PsgKCG3,060 Coin
25936farham1t1Y7z1oZZ8P4RJjYh6pJLBRLHzc3m4pApBi3,195 Coin
25935Riki2021[email protected]37,083 Coin
25934vmkiemt1dvwbKx7LH1M1Afqij28jaFQmZWJ3zDLwt3,060 Coin
25933Tayanet1UhN6YJp1H7DfsBHo96cESBbMcc5wwZT4V5,400 Coin
25932Haongle002t1RiToSQEYqJq3zX7WMrTrsLhDeGG8tqhH74,140 Coin
25931Elirach27t1gb6xQSYcM3nhFknFDVhJQRH5ZfvEAaJJ745,930 Coin
25930Gesenot1W98FvoWoATNUkWtTX5BmvmSMx6vEuyq7g6,180 Coin
25929ezzar[email protected]15,429 Coin
25928soraya12t1QVCuFNzRLwCHNgvgBP1QVHUqb4z2g9hkF4,446 Coin
25927pobychokt1JJNv4dq2qDuofQprsdk8HiPQDWMF6sL5U4,500 Coin
25926ginnlp[email protected]3,000 Coin
25925hiribit1PGHp1Yq2bHxUr5i9qd31Tg8orKvpRyJM14,818 Coin
25924nevgen3HFRSSPStGbEwytRwyGe1sBz33v1Hj1Ljd17,064 Coin
25923lxitmahlt1RVtvsx4hufgAyxSqhtiNFiWgTwhC9HGCt3,165 Coin
25922Farahit1JnUAiBdySsykSRcAc32bDMq18otWUDTMq6,507 Coin
25921Barigot1YFPoVS1CMbFnwvWoc1JqZfmyVmSFrXvDB3,342 Coin
25920Pachwerkt1aWNdHAwuV9BGBQs4TBCFKyqUGvpkCWVKM22,743 Coin
25919VicKoint1cNPhJJUb3iJpACfJL1vg4hw7LGpjZQxn7151,995 Coin
25918Rsvenky[email protected]6,303 Coin