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Z-Cash is a free rewards platform where you can earn zcash by viewing advertisements or doing offers.

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Claim 60 coins every 5 minutes everyday.


Simply complete various tasks like taking surveys, challenges, or use the faucet. It's that easy!


Complete daily achievement to earn more coins.


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# Username Address Amount
25521aludrat1RmQppsqbu2sCY3m8mt5qJFKbgaBAxsnZA5,145 Coin
25520NazzamRHt1bdcQ68a7AM6h4hM9VY98FbTcbNCHLTymy12,006 Coin
25519deny781AYg7JSebzHCUVWasNW1MiLU174RdqhBbv15,000 Coin
25518t2kingt1XjvDThqbWRArBr4sWu6iYW2JtAdDmurbH3,060 Coin
25517AIMWONX[email protected]15,660 Coin
25516Koyok00t1cbrH4xrVBVne33rC7pDBWoHVgP31aJqHg3,300 Coin
25515Imamulharomaint1Vpjdn2MyfGRGPS9FejPZtYHCAh9ZSoeWC3,120 Coin
25514WarsoCRYPt1MP3xDfBg7qToqCpW4fvgNZ8b7dfdnNrtB8,598 Coin
25513pinottilct1UiowALfyHYfJJAgrHErzWLn5UjqTEeXcN116,406 Coin
25512HUUTHAI2021t1dvvyAim9PfcZbrHCZdJCoxbt2q4ZdeUMy3,060 Coin
25511Teabig[email protected]3,195 Coin
25510Joe4rdyt1K8BioWyaKT5i3eamVPtFrSEwfJK8A13Bd3,855 Coin
25509Azadeesreet1cyX7eZGyGboWxWVJJvnPVcur8ZYRPRFyh3,477 Coin
25508brianguntorot1USJFDbBX2Y3svtQdTqHPgMg4f9fJAEa8i3,981 Coin
25507mamus67t1Yozp5KhR5Wc9BMZLp9vWRZuwhvjuzxc7E9,318 Coin
25506kadir61St1LhUUpKAE5cbUFPdk7RU5cfM3F51vXS41R6,030 Coin
25505Sorabit1SKgCqfxJx9ZaTxF1VkDCYCLezJunhxw8G3,624 Coin
25504AdnanGtngt1ak1u5TpUCJfhsy5jmibygCB7zmtPYnG664,320 Coin
25503dericking92t1YrRV1jLJdvTmtUcYw356YAcaZ3LZwdJLh102,360 Coin
25502piotrslomat1JJTFJB5RFPzG8ry8MfwqMVZfeK1fc6Jp54,386 Coin