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Z-Cash is a free rewards platform where you can earn zcash by viewing advertisements or doing offers.

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Claim 60 coins every 5 minutes everyday.


Simply complete various tasks like taking surveys, challenges, or use the faucet. It's that easy!


Complete daily achievement to earn more coins.


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# Username Address Amount
26005Fmt1977t1VexE8RcKtMKo4n6sMjUeTw5ViBRaSaf9r3,030 Coin
26004Johndhel47t1YUeshwXSe9fdXYwvWGRq2vqZfbVzeHZeE14,040 Coin
26003soraya12t1QVCuFNzRLwCHNgvgBP1QVHUqb4z2g9hkF6,036 Coin
26002Shikiorit1Rj73B62EPw4GsP8wR4BPVRaaCZdY4hRgd307,299 Coin
26001Srsaibgt1d18UFPsYYVKfwZmmUY7K2UzPff9Y1JrSD3,060 Coin
26000partizant1Msy2iiVtQTZjZKPKjd8DPyXW4Dt9P75Gm10,095 Coin
25999ffgggggt1aHTrJRJzJWRJN2K9pTvT1W2u7i2AUqTse12,189 Coin
25998HUUTHAI2021t1dvvyAim9PfcZbrHCZdJCoxbt2q4ZdeUMy3,645 Coin
25997dung0818t1JLCyDv2yzobqx5aEG9EFuv6wCt4y6fu6G4,680 Coin
25996Wildan89t1ToFyRbeVd5mAfeB9zKSs91YJACFchRxTi3,546 Coin
25995denyandrit1gL9JvUe3rqkLHzhV9gjBz6gDAjwiE54UM3,060 Coin
25994annale1210t1SbVYzu8hQT54pvKAButZU6PV6s2tS1EFH3,531 Coin
25993Wildan89t1ToFyRbeVd5mAfeB9zKSs91YJACFchRxTi3,027 Coin
25992SylPogat1fzGFUDoukmbgwpkbob3R1pJH7nxHbEu6Q3,150 Coin
25991nabil62t1Lsr1PYJdv2Jco9gwJLPCc7edMayUH7wAb3,363 Coin
25990Zoljargalt1UjiRZna4jN8KoxRbBVdLFGWKDoUdrUuLD30,735 Coin
25989pakgeht1gPwapiEiaphdCKFzs9Nf7YzESht6EcrJy41,610 Coin
25988ertandorukt1LtDUzSVavqk3sytdrcQW4f5onhaRTbpMJ16,122 Coin
25987Tazzt1MBZtFoh1RLhBik6MZVrBhYpjC62U37Gky6,165 Coin
25986mehdi3002t1fbrGQAdZ5LHTkocvc7G6EyH61RaGZ47bT5,757 Coin