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Z-Cash is a free rewards platform where you can earn zcash by viewing advertisements or doing offers.

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Claim 50 coins every 5 minutes everyday.


Simply complete various tasks like taking surveys, challenges, or use the faucet. It's that easy!


Complete daily achievement to earn more coins.


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5717 maheriolat1P3bVzvbkgCdWBnwFpyuzNKwzn6DaXhzNJ 0.01112 USD
5716 gulersunMAsCFwJg8StEeyamFggQFAYthPzFDziYWn 0.01 USD
5715 verahcruzt1XNQ5MAm4LMJ5v4w3McFTv4aBjwacnuA7B 0.013 USD
5714 badr333t1dk9Yd8uykmLZdJxXw36bPzG3gXaucyYEp 0.0115 USD
5713 MohsenAbt1V6GzbDxyhoZuiXyVjkQGpzCMkGQ6Fj4Hf 0.01039 USD
5712 Velikov82t1Hvz92gYpiaeUgSrgavULes5smAJuSDXCv 0.01 USD
5711 Suraj08t1VDF6G2F2YASD5KS4YBEZrBdJeFqBk7927 0.011 USD
5710 ahmedseleem129t1WiY3MmsUsbkdJ2HRf2R4SzsTm3oNMgoGd 0.03426 USD
5709 Giarto70[email protected] 0.0115 USD
5708 Meriemlk[email protected] 0.0101 USD
5707 Gugunt1UZRVU8u98KrJr1L6YpVcMaq8boQHzGj9S 0.119365 USD
5706 Bass11t1TQc73bfDvC9AZ6E7ox5VBePDYaztaRvJd 0.01 USD
5705 Trangtamm[email protected] 0.01 USD
5704 tooniofficailt1Wxz1J7aRRi544RKmAq8u5yZa329k1fDNw 0.014107 USD
5703 Kisame[email protected] 0.0135 USD
5702 sangasiant1e7X6NviDH7WJWcENLdaDp16Y3q1ecnPCt 0.0135 USD
5701 Tugba38t1PA7BXuQEEMWwY562c87236Ts8VUhb38V4 0.013 USD
5700 Emine44t1XYzCwiJKq7chstxQanEiGaFbWhucKb5p6 0.04215 USD
5699 Yasmin221t1T2qv9ENcmSUyRipT3WFyox9mCESmfMuzo 0.0105 USD
5698 ayhoomas[email protected] 0.03517 USD