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Z-Cash is a free rewards platform where you can earn zcash by viewing advertisements or doing offers.

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Claim 60 coins every 5 minutes everyday.


Simply complete various tasks like taking surveys, challenges, or use the faucet. It's that easy!


Complete daily achievement to earn more coins.


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25890jitin4st1XdtHQDiRAr9sNEMRFtMWRYtvgXmE1qaAt3,711 Coin
25889dangvannhatt1axwgAG2SHkxBVnDWRTRUwCX3PJ9RZJT1L3,960 Coin
25888LuizFerreirat1QTWWbknVubSU5kLTn7zR4ZVd5bCamKBuQ14,640 Coin
25887Privatt1QdE8NEc8VYSGDazEfzRsWJkzgz8vdj7vH127,107 Coin
25886Cryptoxt1TycAzqEopBdq5XmGapF8xcFvBujpv1ChT4,710 Coin
25885Velikov82t1Hvz92gYpiaeUgSrgavULes5smAJuSDXCv5,580 Coin
25884prasad777t1bvR5MDjZtPAC98VjhC7DogvSc5XPD2knd15,150 Coin
25883ffgggggt1aHTrJRJzJWRJN2K9pTvT1W2u7i2AUqTse9,570 Coin
25882amimedals[email protected]16,566 Coin
25881crizel24t1RyBriycnT3NvqZusHDfmue9UTs8faeyvQ3,060 Coin
25880abreuesilvat1JucMfSFSxVs3p7oRT393qg9bX9yoPR3DQ3,600 Coin
25879Sonkiest1dSnvkm9MD62FpX5TEmaZW4dAJyFPNCumR5,202 Coin
25878ha2412t1YNbjTmW2hMmYBc799D4k8YBhcFP9ZUAoj20,160 Coin
25877Ihsanmfdt1M5sogRSxLbhRFeCxRSsR3kUiNRnUFntek5,175 Coin
25876WarsoCRYPt1MP3xDfBg7qToqCpW4fvgNZ8b7dfdnNrtB11,076 Coin
25875Naveen189t1U8tKxEqw1ZtR3JN1Ld31S9dT3NMvH9HK53,558 Coin
25874Thanhyc[email protected]14,352 Coin
25873Tazzt1MBZtFoh1RLhBik6MZVrBhYpjC62U37Gky7,281 Coin
25872Falko78t1KxVYck8NJZAU6Ybg8CLjDhxeGu6aJbG2p7,347 Coin
25871partizant1Msy2iiVtQTZjZKPKjd8DPyXW4Dt9P75Gm10,080 Coin