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Z-Cash is a free rewards platform where you can earn zcash by viewing advertisements or doing offers.

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Claim 60 coins every 5 minutes everyday.


Simply complete various tasks like taking surveys, challenges, or use the faucet. It's that easy!


Complete daily achievement to earn more coins.


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# Username Address Amount
18424sueniramos32t1XE1hihmUT95sXJsRVtuorCxSmngoEhZbW10,680 Coin
18423Adhieauther01t1WdfDuJKT5D45FkPXUPzRQuJwTs6o7HSqt2,576 Coin
18422Ujang01t1JwLQBwdmg5c4zuSkTBRGwcbBhnAVMER7K10,318 Coin
18421tranvanquyt1gSqcHXcGNNEuZLPkEypdnPCHUzqCLpkrC8,428 Coin
18420Cryptoxt1TycAzqEopBdq5XmGapF8xcFvBujpv1ChT4,030 Coin
18419roni123t1KfQtqe1azh13NPdCkXC5UjhQstbVL23Ef2,162 Coin
18418Tuyen1984t1Rjp6ZMEgmb8PAiRZyZzomTWyPX4SyWYNB2,040 Coin
18417ThanhDung2606t1e9QoQx6yTa9WXaWBYkFnymCe2j1GLXNta2,160 Coin
18416olgalolat1RAyohWp2bpidhbeXCt6sVhZDaCau5mTtU2,090 Coin
18415bengkelquwt1bP69LHyeShdiHvztirzVRNAAdmfFK8Xn12,080 Coin
18414NazzamRHt1bdcQ68a7AM6h4hM9VY98FbTcbNCHLTymy6,122 Coin
18413Dragos25t1UsQoibHfuZLuG7M6FciKuc9nBjJguavsr10,600 Coin
18412ali5757t1W9ARVaKrfGqguKPZf4Mj59AgvDtnKjvYQ3,030 Coin
18411Kodyt1RMXjgD2NhqoBciNRJ1GpxKRWmhE1Qvcja8,780 Coin
18410Bram01t1JhLZNsDQyttMXRbRutT2g9HLD6Xc9MZPT2,012 Coin
18409Haongle002t1RiToSQEYqJq3zX7WMrTrsLhDeGG8tqhH73,922 Coin
18408Phattran96t1PsHDYhfRy1Pq4GZbnRoeh7Fj4p4mDdmw62,040 Coin
18407huyenhau224t1ZW9odCqYmyKeQRdZfik8qPhtB9pwaMPKm2,484 Coin
18406Nikola88t1QZtULSUkP9azbFJ6GhkNf4ZrdAbLk2NS82,160 Coin
18405PetrusValentinot1UERH2GZpBsjQdYqQyXQAHMKcBQnr4tCq74,210 Coin