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Z-Cash is a free rewards platform where you can earn zcash by viewing advertisements or doing offers.

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Claim 60 coins every 5 minutes everyday.


Simply complete various tasks like taking surveys, challenges, or use the faucet. It's that easy!


Complete daily achievement to earn more coins.


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# Username Address Amount
25967ha2412t1YNbjTmW2hMmYBc799D4k8YBhcFP9ZUAoj10,080 Coin
25966fantomax[email protected]3,144 Coin
25965Sidoickt1ST7WsuRebJSVxfxLgxN1AzhoSHja82mVj3,690 Coin
25964SREEKARt1ZhVB2ecLcPFz7mhLV2NUCMZmfb38Qiksb4,185 Coin
25963oledjaht1HtJdPBprsNGTbBMpB6GLvX7HpFXN4d5La3,429 Coin
25962ngoctho0806t1KGmACGNKiWQX5WhKHvoowGXmzP3b1oDSx3,204 Coin
25961Thang789t1Mbh6PzGajugygS9KEehpiJApMrtTh9kpB17,592 Coin
25960hendrawant1SByP6kJyBVNRktjFas7zoD9dunkW8b8SM3,066 Coin
25959MOHAND2099t1MidouUDEEJ8fZH9gAwDxrjPK3KUQg53Dk3,060 Coin
25958matisat1d74B2bBJQSA7HcXjA3Q2oobqkCbbBWVsf4,545 Coin
25957WarsoCRYPt1MP3xDfBg7qToqCpW4fvgNZ8b7dfdnNrtB20,829 Coin
25956Atlas[email protected]3,000 Coin
25955Atlas[email protected]3,000 Coin
25954poppingt1RQXvy4B6mtbVaALyJEmntrH1G43PsgKCG3,060 Coin
25953Atlas[email protected]3,000 Coin
25952Atlas[email protected]3,000 Coin
25951Merkul12t1MK1jc6hPjof6vh8cfs91TLg1xCojiEPCg15,486 Coin
25950partizant1Msy2iiVtQTZjZKPKjd8DPyXW4Dt9P75Gm10,275 Coin
25949Ares1034t1VWEP9N5JCuPinUB46vRqG34v2PCSQtSWB8,811 Coin
25948SOLAYMAN2405t1UVYGmVi2YEfgxRmXCvLwkyJb2R3qg7jcH90,963 Coin