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Z-Cash is a free rewards platform where you can earn zcash by viewing advertisements or doing offers.

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Claim 60 coins every 5 minutes everyday.


Simply complete various tasks like taking surveys, challenges, or use the faucet. It's that easy!


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25628Nilufar75t1LYkEJHLFdH7qSVRhhCiP48TCy5K7WaQmn5,550 Coin
25627annale1210t1SbVYzu8hQT54pvKAButZU6PV6s2tS1EFH7,368 Coin
25626riy4nto7588t1YshavEsjEfEGKRix3i84ovFSS4cyNiERw3,060 Coin
25625adidwipranatat1bFcbT5XavD19XJq5o61kxKETHnMZpsuwN3,075 Coin
25624vinhnguyen1902t1cCnpHYsRYKoV1r48DUwKVPa7CuambQNh53,222 Coin
25623Nirvan75t1R2FW7BEwicciDjckTCQs1FScgQ5VatFa83,108 Coin
25622HUUTHAI2021t1dvvyAim9PfcZbrHCZdJCoxbt2q4ZdeUMy3,960 Coin
25621brianguntorot1USJFDbBX2Y3svtQdTqHPgMg4f9fJAEa8i6,510 Coin
25620Mehrdad5064t1WzxfCPauE7ZgsuieRdtNDL7QXPgKNytyK12,096 Coin
25619duynam88[email protected]6,495 Coin
25618Nguyennguyent1c9uv615xMqNXwZMCnSY9AxBpysWLoK5zF7,077 Coin
25617Kisamet1b7erhMmiqXEtmxCkCMaNKi7Lp8HSho69h3,105 Coin
25616trungtgt1JQYyr3eCQFFPebhTx8xMY63ZKYGN92xtD17,844 Coin
25615dangvannhatt1axwgAG2SHkxBVnDWRTRUwCX3PJ9RZJT1L3,060 Coin
25614Atlas[email protected]3,000 Coin
25613Yoko29t1NK5HK2qeQyVaizNoCT7XkGHfu9gVTmgyx6,060 Coin
25612Bangbroer7DNaAysfqXnpAGzeSjDeCwN6YPoVxVKfj7i12,840 Coin
25611AdnanGtngt1ak1u5TpUCJfhsy5jmibygCB7zmtPYnG663,600 Coin
25610Buihuuloct1fSLbV1egWrTN22XeSGAUeF9tFe9hXFvAm5,400 Coin
25609duynam88[email protected]3,858 Coin