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Z-Cash is a free rewards platform where you can earn zcash by viewing advertisements or doing offers.

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Claim 60 coins every 5 minutes everyday.


Simply complete various tasks like taking surveys, challenges, or use the faucet. It's that easy!


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# Username Address Amount
25745Baoquoct1g9Me7S3ohuVpnJ94ZAXg4KmBewUwNXyWY3,396 Coin
25744Farahit1JnUAiBdySsykSRcAc32bDMq18otWUDTMq3,075 Coin
25743NANDAR5t1XrHHgAaL4BDU3tCpN9gmC9jWByK13DWWo4,080 Coin
25742iran22t1NFpqG1WPARmV1Hb8GTVtnMZeZTD4F3UG93,036 Coin
25741crizel24t1RyBriycnT3NvqZusHDfmue9UTs8faeyvQ3,060 Coin
25740Ellatott1XoNRcaYZyDC4tSgmbADxbX8zHxZ4KvgW23,240 Coin
25739Tazzt1MBZtFoh1RLhBik6MZVrBhYpjC62U37Gky3,000 Coin
25738Falko78t1KxVYck8NJZAU6Ybg8CLjDhxeGu6aJbG2p12,000 Coin
25737nunav20t1brHsGZAVeeoiNZajfc7yJHKuVdK5uPLde180,936 Coin
25736Atlas[email protected]3,000 Coin
25735Lykant1Zd4swDsrmEhxnBfPnUNAYivBqQNoYNuq715,738 Coin
25734brianguntorot1USJFDbBX2Y3svtQdTqHPgMg4f9fJAEa8i6,846 Coin
25733arifdadi123t1X4qZGhuZmSvkwWjasS91aukjuY8ZgNdoh6,006 Coin
25732apriansyah92t1MKwyzerdZjx4iaAjobg9yJusqmvGqpxdy12,861 Coin
25731Rmka85t1Q9kgFAvGkA6JgE5pDNfq7ikkvUQuGJoRs3,645 Coin
25730Atlas[email protected]3,000 Coin
25729arifdadi123t1X4qZGhuZmSvkwWjasS91aukjuY8ZgNdoh3,981 Coin
25728Atlas[email protected]3,000 Coin
25727Riki2021[email protected]55,005 Coin
25726Buihuuloct1fSLbV1egWrTN22XeSGAUeF9tFe9hXFvAm5,760 Coin